Note: This is based on successful Alida integration with a client and research through Alida's documentation.

We're excited to be able to provide our clients with the option to use Alida as their panel provider. Follow these steps to set up your Alida activity and have a seamless integration with your Element Human surveys!

Configure the Element Human Activity Link

When creating an External Activity in Alida, you must use a modified version of the Element Human activity link. Here are the steps to building this link:

  1. Go to the workbench and open the activity you want to launch👩‍💻

  2. Click the 'Live' button at the top of the activity page, which will redirect you to the survey. Copy this link from the browser - this is the live survey link that you will send to your participants.

    The link will look something like this:

  3. You must append 2 url parameters to this survey link, rurl and subdomain (the order is not important). First, let's get this information.

    1. The rurl parameter is the redirect url that you want to participants to be redirected to when they complete a survey or are disqualified. You need to format this to url encoded format. Using as an example, the new redirect url will be

      (Tip: You may use this website to format your url:

    2. The subdomain parameter is the pod corresponding to your Alida insights community. For the example below, the subdomain is na1.

  4. It's time to assemble! This is the formula to create the external survey link you will use in Alida: [Element Human Survey Link]&rurl=[encoded redirect url]&subdomain=[Alida pod]

    Using both examples from above, the activity link will be: &

You're done with the Element Human link configuration! Now you can use this link in your Alida Activity.

Setting the External Activity Link in Alida

  1. First, you must create the External Activity in Alida.

  2. Next, paste the Element Human activity link you created in the Activity Link field.

🎉Congrats! You're done with the Alida External Activity link setup. Now it's time for testing.


Once you launch some test email invites through your Alida account, you can test two situations.


  1. Click on the link in your email invite.

  2. Run through the survey as expected.

  3. When you finish, you should see a 'Thank you' confirmation page. After 10 seconds, you should be redirected to the website you selected in the activity setup.


  1. Click on the link in your email invite.

  2. Click 'No, I do not consent' on the first page of the survey.

  3. You should receive a disqualify error message and be redirected to the desired website you used in the activity setup.

🚀 We have lift off!

You're now ready to launch your Alida activities. Let's get some awesome insights!

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