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4 May 2023

πŸš€ What's New

  • We understand that tracking fieldwork progress is critical to ensuring the success of your projects. That's why we've added two new respondent status updates - overquota and quality - to give you more detailed information about your respondents. Find more info on respondent statuses here. Stay tuned for these updates in the UI!

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • We've caught a sneaky bug that was causing a small number of survey respondents to see an overquota error message at the end of a survey, instead of at the start. We've tied up all loose ends, and the overquota error message will only show up where it should - at the beginning of the survey.

  • There was a bug that was causing some users to hit a 500 error page when trying to log onto the workbench. The culprit? Deprecated activity types. We've fixed the bug and put measures in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

Workbench 0.28.5

30 March 2023

🌱 What's Improved

  • To err is human, but to prevent errors is divine. We've made an update to the workbench to maintain the integrity of our research method and prevent human error. TL;DR: we have disabled the ability to clone control activities.

Workbench 0.28.4

28 March 2023

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Some users were experiencing trouble when trying to edit an activity. Our team has quickly resolved the issue.

Workbench 0.28.3

27 March 2023

🌱 What's Improved

  • We take our survey research seriously, which is why we've made an update to our survey questions. The 'select all' option has been removed to improve the quality of the data we collect and to reduce any potential response biases.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • We found a small typo in the Instagram Feed Instructions. But don't fret, we've corrected the mistake and everything is looking picture-perfect again.

Workbench 0.28.2

21 March 2023

🌱 What's Improved

  • We've updated our survey integration with Cint, our panel provider so that the Activity name will no longer appear in any form for Cint respondents. This means you can go wild and free with naming your activities on the workbench, and it will be kept separate from fieldwork management.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Some respondents were encountering a bit of confusion when it came to the country question on our demographics page. We admit, we were serving up those options in a bit of a scramble, but fear not! We've straightened things out by arranging them in alphabetical order, in the same language as the survey. So now you can easily find your country of origin and carry on with the rest of the survey without getting lost in translation. Cheers to organized options!

  • We had a pesky little UI bug slip through our fingers in the fieldwork tooltip in the Cint sample setup. Fixed now!

Workbench 0.28.1

20 March 2023

🌱 What's Improved

  • Attention all survey setup wizards! We've been working our magic to make your experience even better, and we're proud to announce an improved input prompt for the Category & Brand section. Say goodbye to boring old 'Item 1' and hello to the much more descriptive 'Main category product or service'! This new label will help you navigate the survey input setup like a boss.

  • We have an upgrade to the Activity creation form: the Type input dropdown now has some placeholder text that'll make sure you don't forget to select an activity type!

  • Our last piece of good news is about the Cint sample setup process. We removed the second step of selecting a panel provider option, since let's face it, we only offer one anyway - Cint! This means you can now configure your target sample specifications in one swift move and save some precious setup time.

Workbench 0.28

14 March 2023

🌱 What's Improved

  • We've given our data export a little makeover by improving the column order for the survey_response CSV file. We waved goodbye to the old alphabetical order and switched to the order that the questions appear in the survey. This means you can now easily spot any question you're looking for and see its related questions side-by-side.

  • On that note, we've also streamlined the data export to include only the most useful data such as time series, survey data, and implicit. Fewer files but the same amount of valuable data.

  • Lastly, we've given our Projects page a little spring cleaning by bidding farewell to the 'Export Pricing' button. Why, you ask? Well, our pricing is now bundled into the unit price for our subscription plans, so there's no need to fuss over it separately.

Workbench 0.27.3

22 February 2023

🌱 What's Improved

  • For some organisations, we've upgraded the list of available Activity Type options on the Activity Creation form.

Workbench 0.27.2

16 February 2023

🌱 What's Improved

  • We've improved the functionality for videos on Instagram and Facebook mock feeds. Videos will now play on a continuous loop during the feed. This will not affect the forced exposure part of the survey, where videos will only play once to collect survey participants' biometric data.

Workbench 0.27.1

15 February 2023

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • We found a cheeky little UI styling mishap in the delete Alida panel feature. No worries, it was fixed before it was even an issue.

Workbench 0.26.9

23 January 2023

πŸš€ What's New

  • We have launched Spanish versions of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Survey respondents who take our surveys in Spanish will be able to easily access these through the consent page in our survey.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • We have identified and fixed a bug related to survey respondents who have exited and re-visited our surveys. Respondents who re-visit our surveys will now be identified when they open the survey, as opposed to at the end of the survey, and will be redirected to their respective panels. Future iterations are planned to continue improving the respondent experience.

🌱 What's Improved

  • We've added user feedback messages to the Cint audience setup, specifically for the fieldwork dates. Users will receive clear feedback if there is any issue with the fieldwork dates they have selected before saving the audience.

Workbench 0.26.6

19 December 2022

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • As we work to refine and optimise the next-generation testing tools, we are issuing a bug fix to our impression time calculations which will increase their accuracy. This will update the β€˜Average Impression Time for Main Post In Feed’ metric and the β€˜Share of Time Spent on Main Post In Feed’ metric, both of which are visible in the dashboard for any of our social media activities (Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram). All activities will use the updated calculation, including new and previously launched activities.

  • Small UI bug fix for the breakdown of activity completes by panel on the activity page.

πŸš€ What's New

  • We are now providing more granular data for Instagram Carousels! Users which have more than one image or video in their Instagram posts will now be able to see the impression time for each item in the carousel in addition to the overall impression time for the post. This will help you identify the highest-performing media in your Instagram carousel post so that you can optimise in-feed attention for your brand.

Workbench 0.26.4

7 December 2022

🌱 What's Improved

  • As we continue to iterate on our emotion model, we have pulled the expression score and graph from the dashboard until we release the next version of the expression algorithm.

Workbench 0.26.0

21 November 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • Users are now able to see activity completes broken down by panel. This feature supports multiple panel fieldwork monitoring so that users are always aware of the status of their activity fieldwork.

Workbench 0.25.1

10 November 2022

🌱 What's Improved

  • We have improved the heatmap download process so that it is much simpler and quicker to get your heatmap video straight from the insights dashboard. To try it out, go to the insights dashboard of any video activity. At the bottom of the Engagement section, click the button labelled 'Heatmap' and you will see the heatmap video in your downloads folder.

Workbench 0.21.0

21 October 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • The workbench now supports Alida panels! Users can now send Element Human surveys to their Alida communities through the workbench. For more information, see the getting started guide here.

Workbench 0.20.5

23 September 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • We have improved the testing workflow for surveys by adding a Survey Navigator to the test survey link. Workbench users can now move around the survey more easily. Read the getting started guide for this feature here.

Workbench 0.20.3

16 September 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • We have a new and improved consent page as we transition to being a data controller for GDPR guidelines. This has been translated into all languages that we support for our clients.

Workbench 0.20.2

2 September 2022

🌱 What's Improved

  • In our ongoing effort to continuously improve the platform experience, we have cleaned up some parts of the workbench user interface. Users will no longer need to set a start date upon activity creation; activity date information will be supplied by fieldwork estimates.

Workbench 0.20.1

31 August 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • As we continue to improve our audience workflows, we have upgraded our integration with Lucid (a Cint company). We are now using Reach 2.0, Lucid's feasibility tool, to optimise the fieldwork process. Read more about Reach 2.0 from Lucid here.

Workbench 0.20.0

26 August 2022

🌱 What's Improved

  • We have updated the UI in the Humans setup. Users can now specify fieldwork dates and time estimates for more accurate feasibility estimates. Learn about recommended fieldwork times here.

Workbench 0.15.7

22 August 2022

🌱 What's Improved

  • We have reduced the redirect time at the end of the survey from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. We hypothesize that this will improve completion rates with our panel providers.

Workbench 0.15.5

4 August 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • Users can now delete projects in the same way as activities. To delete a project, go to the Projects page, find the project to delete, and click the trash icon.

Workbench 0.15.4

3 August 2022

🌱 What's Improved

  • We have updated our Over-Quota redirect logic. We will only screen out respondents who are over-quota at one point in the survey, after the demographic question.

Workbench 0.15.3

21 July 2022

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Small typo fix in our HX Brand Video activity type.


June 23, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • We've removed the price estimates from the workbench while we update our pricing models. For information on pricing, please contact Customer Success.


June 22, 2022

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Some users have reported the ability to zoom and access video player controls during the video environment part of the survey. We have released a fix to disable zoom and video player control access for this part of the survey.

Workbench 0.14.8

June 16, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • To improve the survey participant experience, we've added a countdown to the final Thank You page which informs people when they will be redirected back to their panel provider page.

Workbench 0.14.5

June 6, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • During activity setup, Workbench users can now delete content that was previously uploaded and replace it with a different media. This delete feature is available on all activity types, but it is especially useful for the social media feed component.

Workbench 0.14.4

May 30, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • To keep working towards our objective to make media measurement scalable in organisations, we have updated the integration with our main panel provider Lucid. This change will allow us to manage fieldwork more effectively and efficiently - potentially reducing time in field for some projects. This includes a small change to the Humans setup so that users will be asked to select specific fieldwork dates instead of selecting the number of days in field. Read more on the change here.

  • Users will now be able to delete content uploads on any social media feed setup. This is especially important if you've accidentally uploaded the wrong media or uploaded too many.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Some users reported having issues with survey load time. This has been fixed and survey participants will have a smoother experience.

Workbench 0.14.2

May 11, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • To improve the data quality on our surveys, we've restricted pasting text for open-text answer responses. This will allow for more genuine survey responses!

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • We've made major improvements to our survey integration with our panel supplier, Lucid. TL;DR We have a fully functioning over-quota redirect for survey respondents. This means that we are monitoring respondent surges so that we only receive & pay for respondents that were requested. Note that regardless of this improvement, our clients have been and will be charged only for the sample quota requested in the workbench.

Workbench 0.14.1

April 22, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • We've updated the wording on the setup social media feed component for HX Brand TikTok. Users will check the field labeled 'Select if this profile is verified' when identifying an influencer's post as a verified profile.

Workbench 0.14.0

April 11, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • We now officially support Alida as a panel provider! Find documentation on how to use Alida with our surveys here.

  • We have introduced survey groups for our projects, applicable only with projects using Lucid as the panel provider. This will create a respondent pool for each project, such that there will not be any respondent crossover between activities in the same project.

  • We have simplified the names for the social activity types. For example, 'HX Brand Social Insta' is now 'HX Brand Instagram'.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Users reported error messages when attempting to edit an Unexposed Activity. This has been resolved.

  • Previously, the audience quota on the workbench did not reflect the true quota from the Humans setup. The audience quota now accurately displays the sum of all audience quotas on both the Humans page and the Activity page.

  • Workbench users experienced an issue with multiple audiences being created in the Humans setup page. Now whenever users set up their audiences, they will not be able to click the 'Submit' button multiple times.

Workbench 0.13.6

March 11, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • For improved usability, the 'Add a Project' button is now located at the top of the Projects page.

Workbench 0.13.5

March 8, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • Dwell time has been renamed to impression time in the insights dashboard for social media activities. Impression time is now presented with two metrics: 'Average Impression Time in Feed' and 'Share of time spent on Main Post in Feed'.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • The insights dashboard's width has been restored to the full screen width.

  • Workbench users were experiencing audio issues when the video was no longer visible. Whenever a user has existed the video player, the video audio will stop.

Workbench 0.13.4

February 23, 2022

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Workbench users were having difficulty seeing the social media feed setup for Instagram surveys created before November. The affected activities have been retroactively fixed and workbench users can now access previous social media feed setups.

Workbench 0.13.3

February 14, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • We are sunsetting Dynata as a panel supplier. When setting up audiences for an activity, workbench users will only have the option to select Lucid.

Workbench 0.13.0

February 2, 2022

πŸš€ What's New

  • Japan has been added to the favorite countries in the region survey question.

Workbench 0.12.0

January 26, 2022

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Users were seeing a survey error related to the implicit component set up. Workbench will now receive an error message if they try to save an implicit brand trait for 'Trustworthy'.

Workbench 0.11.0

January 18, 2022

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Workbench users were experiencing issues with videos in the Insights Dashboard, where some videos displaying too big. Videos now resize correctly for different dimensions.

  • The video player emotion chart displays the y-axis again.

  • There was an issue with the format of key moments in the Insights Dashboard; they now represented as decimal values.


December 2, 2021

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • On some occasions, the first asset of a carousel post was not rendering correctly. This is now resolved and users can launch Instagram Carousel surveys with confidence.


November 18, 2021

πŸš€ What's New

  • Updated Survey Thank You page! We improved the survey participant experience through UI changes to the final survey page.


November 11, 2021

πŸš€ What's New

  • HX Brand Video Instructions

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Expression is now available as a series in the emotion graph in the insights dashboard. Read more about emotions from our science team here.

Workbench 0.10.2

November 8, 2021

πŸš€ What's New

  • In the social media usage question in all HX Brand surveys, 'Pinterest' has been replaced with 'Twitch'.

Workbench 0.10.1

November 5, 2021

πŸš€ What's New

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • German translations fixes for Instagram surveys.

Workbench 0.9.39

October 28, 2021

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Survey redirects for Screenout are working for both panel providers that are integrated with the workbench.

  • Consent profiler component has the 'Organisation privacy policy' input field for all survey types.

  • Users were experiencing issues adding audiences for an activity.

Workbench 0.9.38

October 8, 2021

πŸš€ What's New

  • We've swapped the survey consent page for a simpler and more accessible version, making it easier for respondents to understand the consent agreement and their data privacy rights. Learn more about the new consent page here.

  • Participants will now see a progress bar at the top of every social feed to indicate the time left on this part of the survey. See examples of the survey set up and participant experience here.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Bug fixes for dashboard filtering. Users can compare two different activities side by side.

Workbench 0.9.38

September 16, 2021

πŸš€ What's New

  • A new and improved dashboard to help you turn data into insight. The dashboard covers 4 key areas of analysis: Audience, Engagement, Brand Impact, and Content Impact.

πŸ”§ What's Fixed

  • Users who are added to a new organization will now receive the correct URL invitation through email. Users were facing an issue with incorrectly formatted url invitations to the workbench.

  • Users can upload and save any .MP4 file in an activity. Some users were experiencing an issue with case-sensitive file names.

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