Influencer Marketers can now test multi-asset social campaigns, providing greater clarity and accuracy for how an Influencer’s followers are engaging with their campaign content. Element Human users can now test up to 4 posts in an Instagram Carousel, using a mix of video and still images.

1/ Survey Set up

When a post is selected as 'Set this as my main creative', additional media upload options will appear below in the same post setup. Here, users can upload up to 3 additional assets to create a carousel post.

Currently, it is only possible to create a carousel post for the main creative.

2/ Mock Feed

Survey participants can interact with the carousel in the mock feed by scrolling through the assets within the post. All other functionality is still available such as liking, saving, and expanding the caption.

3/ Forced Exposure

During the forced exposure section, each asset in the carousel post is displayed within the instagram environment wrapper. A controlled timer setting is applied so that accurate emotion, attention, and gaze tracking results can be collected. This means that videos will play at full length and images will be shown for 15 seconds.

Survey participants can interact with the post (like, save, scroll caption) but scrolling between the carousel assets is disabled.

The forced exposure survey instructions are updated to reflect these changes:

4/ Data Insights

The workbench insights dashboard does not currently support multiple stimulus activities. In the meantime, data for each asset within the carousel post is available through the Element Human Insights API.

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