HX Brand Control is a control (unexposed) activity designed to accompany your exposed activity, whether that be an HX Brand Video, HX Brand Social Insta or HX Brand Social Facebook activity.

HX Brand Control allows you to establish a cause-and-effect relationship by isolating the effect of your stimulus in the exposed activity.

As a result of it being a control group, participants are not shown any stimulus and their webcam is not turned on. Participants are shown a variant of our foundation survey, which is outlined below.

Foundation survey (control version)

  • Profiling questions

  • Category & Brand questions

  • Implicit test

  • Personality & Interest questions

  • Brand question

Choosing an audience (sample)

As this is a control (unexposed) group we strongly recommend matching the audience to your exposed activity.

There are two ways in which you can share your activity with an audience:

  1. Build an audience using our 'Humans' (sample) tool

  2. Share a 'Live Link' (URL) with your own audience (sample)

To learn more about building an audience with our 'Humans' tool, check out this article.

Testing & launching your activity

Before launching your activity we strongly suggest testing it a few times. To learn more about testing, check out this article. And, once you're happy with it, you're ready to launch it - you can check out this article about how to launch your activity.

Viewing your (data) insight report

Once your activity has been launched and fieldwork has completed you're ready to view your data via the insights report. For an overview of how to view your insights report, check out this article.

With the HX Brand Control report you'll get the following data and insights:

  • Demographic data

  • Profilling data

  • Category & Brand survey data

  • Implicit test data

  • Personality & Interests survey data

  • Brand questions data

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