1/ HX Embed Redirect can be used by following steps 1-6 outlined in the HX Embed JavaScript set up process outlined here: HX JavaScript. (Be sure to choose "HX Embed Redirect" as the Activity type from the Activity 'Type' drop-down menu, as outlined in step 1)

2/ From the Embed form, click on the word "Redirect" in the top right corner of the form. This will bring up a form with two fields "Return URL" and "Unique Respondent ID variable".

3/ "Return URL" - this field is for you to specify the URL to which participants should be sent back after they view the Embed sequence. This field will stay the same for all survey participants.

4/ "Unique Respondent ID variable" - this field is for you to specify (if desired) a placeholder representing your survey tool's respondent ID. This placeholder must be replaced by your survey tool with a unique respondent ID for each survey participant. The parameter name for your respondent ID variable must be sent to Embed as resp_id.

5/ These two fields are encoded to create the "Inbound Redirect URL" text field. You should redirect your survey respondent to this URL (replacing the placeholder with their unique respondent ID) at the appropriate point during your survey.

6/ Embed will send back each respondent to the specified URL with the following parameters:

Example: If your survey tool has a participant with respondent ID "3847c93uv8c", the participant would be:

1/ Directed by Survey Monkey to: https://activity.elementhuman.com/activities/781f860e-3eea-4c77-aa92-c5c3d6580d47/survey_complete/?redirect_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.surveymonkey.com&resp_id=3847c93uv8c

2/ Sent back to Survey Monkey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/?status=complete&resp_id=3847c93uv8c&ehid=db021a7a-9543-11ea-883b-b3ebf6eba052

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