HX Embed, HX Embed Redirect and HX Embed 'Multi' allow you to use Element Human's cutting edge gaze tracking and facial coding algorithms within your existing survey system or environment of choice.

There are two* HX Embed activity types that you can choose from:

  1. HX Embed - embed your test inside your survey or environment using javascript

  2. HX Embed Redirect - redirect participants to your test using a redirect URL

*If you want to create multiple stim tests, follow the HX Embed 'Multi' instructions to learn how to link multiple HX Embed (javascript) activities together.

HX Embed

With HX Embed you are provided with a javascript code that can be embedded directly into your own survey. This allows you to run our test within your own environment or survey without the participant leaving the environment.

HX Embed - javascript option

Once participants have finished the test they're guided to the next step in your sequence, as determined by you.

To learn more about setting up an HX Embed (javascript) activity, click on the button below.

HX Embed Redirect

With HX Embed Redirect you are provided with a redirect URL as an alternative option to javascript. This URL can be embedded or shared any way you like.

HX Embed Redirect - redirect URL option

Participants are asked to click on the URL which guides them to our platform and seamlessly starts the test. Once participants have completed the test they are redirected to a destination of your choice, specified by you within the set up process of the redirect URL.

While this option temporarily redirects participants away from your environment and experience, albeit it seamlessly, it doesn't provide a safe and reliable option should you not be able to use the embeddable javascript code offered in the above HX Embed activity type.

To learn more about setting up an HX Embed Redirect activity, click on the button below.

HX Embed 'Multi'

You can also create an HX Embed 'Multi' activity, which allows you to link multiple stims together.

To learn more about setting up an HX Embed 'Multi' activity, click on the button below.

The participant experience

Once the test begins, the participant experience is the same for HX Embed and HX Embed Redirect - only the method of deployment differs - and participants are taken through the following steps:

  1. Consent form

  2. Webcam check

  3. Pre-calibration test

  4. Demographic questions

  5. Video stimulus

  6. Post-calibration test

  7. Completion page with participants UID and privacy links

  8. End of test / redirection

This sequence will be shown for each video stim, even if there are multiple stims in the same survey.

Reporting on your data

The results for your test will be available from the HX Workbench on the Insights page of your activity. Your report dashboard will include the following:

  1. Demographic report

  2. Engagement report

Demographic report

The demographic report will you show you the breakdown of your participants. This report includes their age range, their gender breakdown and their location (country).

Engagement report

The engagement report includes our metrics and emotions as video overlay graphs, key moments within the emotions and an eye-gaze heatmap.

Engagement metrics and emotions

HX Workbench - engagement video overlay report

Key moments

Eye-gaze video heatmap

HX Workbench - eye-gaze heatmap overlay report

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