Key Moments
What is Key Moments and How does it work?
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Key Moments

Available with: anything with an emotion or expression time-series

Including: HX Embed, HX Creative, HX Campaign

Further to emotion smoothing, our clients want to quickly determine what is important during the human experience without needing a degree in calculus.

Our Key Moments feature discovers what part of the expression journey was the key driver of engagement (hint: it’s not usually the peak) so users can quickly note the scenes that made the experience truly impactful. Keep in mind, content without enough engagement change may not have any key moments.

Here's how it displays in your HX Workbench:

How does Key Moments Work?

Key Moments blends confidence and acceleration of emotion. It identifies a moment where there is high confidence that most participants are rapidly shifting to an expressional peak.

It works by looking for alignment within the participants as they accelerate towards a peak emotion. You can think of it as a driver of the peak. Now, this only occurs when there is a strong alignment between participants (ie. many of them are shifting to the expression of the same emotion at the same time). So, if you see a peak and no key moment, it simply means that the average emotion is quite spread out within the participant group.

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