The consent profiler component is essential and included in every activity by default. It ensures that you capture the legal and required consent from every participant in-line with data laws around the globe, including GDPR, and that every participant understands exactly what data we would like to collect from them and why.

Setting up your consent profiler

Every time you set up an activity you're required to enter some information into the consent profiler component. This includes:

  1. Your organisation name

  2. Your organisation address

  3. Your organisation email (ideally one suitable for consent and privacy requests)

The consent profiler setup page looks like this:

Once you fill out these fields, participants will be able to view this information within the consent form before starting the activity.

Participant consent

Data privacy & security is our top priority and we ensure that all data is captured and stored with the highest levels of security and compliance. For more information on consent and privacy, click here.

🙋 Questions asked of your participants

  1. Do you agree to participate in the Activity and for my personal data to be processed OR opt-out?

When a participant agrees to the consent form, the activity begins and their data is collected. However, if a participant does not agree to the consent form the activity will not begin for them and their data is not collected.

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