Our built-in tool allows you to get real answers from real people, straight from within the HX Workbench.

Adding people (participants)

To add an audience through our People tool, click on the ‘Go to people’ link in the People section.

Next, click on ‘+ Add people’.

Naming your audience

Give your audience a name. This is for internal purposes only and helps to ensure the whole team knows what type of audience will be taking part in this activity.

Choosing your audience location and language

We offer a large range of audiences from different locations (countries) and languages. They are as follows:


  • English - Australia

  • English - Canada

  • English - Hong Kong

  • English - India

  • English - Ireland

  • English - Malaysia

  • English - New Zealand

  • English - Philippines

  • English - Qatar

  • English - Singapore

  • English - South Africa

  • English - Switzerland

  • English - United Arab Emirates

  • English - United Kingdom

  • English - United States


  • French - Canada

  • French - France


  • German - Germany


  • Italian - Italy


  • Dutch - Netherlands


  • Spanish - Argentina

  • Spanish - Chile

  • Spanish - Mexico

  • Spanish - Spain


  • Portuguese - Brazil

Choose your participant numbers

You need to choose the number of participants you want to take part in your activity. For a general population (Gen Pop), we recommend 150 participants. If you’re looking to narrow down your results by gender and more precise age ranges then we recommend increasing this number to around 200 - 300 participants.

Pick a completion time

You have the option of choosing a completion time from 1 - 10 days. If you’re looking for results with a quick turn-around time then you have the flexibility to do this.

It’s important to note that participants are real people, so the earlier in the day you can launch your activity the better, and turn-around times are only guaranteed for weekdays; launching an activity with a 1-day completion time late on a Friday afternoon may result in your activity completing on a Monday morning.

Enter the participant age range

You can choose the age range of your participants by entering a minimum and maximum age.

Choose a gender filter

Lastly, you can choose a gender filter. There are three options to choose from:

  • No gender filter

  • Male

  • Female

Once you’ve chosen your audience, click on the ‘Add’ button to complete the process.

This will give you a real-time price for your activity and audience selection. You can view this in the top-right of your People and activity dashboard.

How the pricing works

Our built-in audience tool uses a real-time bidding model, meaning you get the right price, instantly.

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